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Core Values



  • Team spirit
  • Respect among team members extended to senior management
  • Innovation to exceed costumer’s expectations 


  • Loyalty to our clients and business
  • Honesty & Transparency
  • Business Integrity




We are committed to excel in each of the below listed key areas, in order to effectively and efficiently operate the company, while delivering the best value for money to our clients. 

Safety & Hygiene We are committed to maintain Safety & Hygiene as our number one priority and ensure quality control throughout the value chain. We will ensure strict compliance with Dubai Municipality’s Health & Safety measures-HACCP at all times. 

Human Resources We are committed to focus on selecting, developing and retaining the best people in the industry who will ultimately contribute to our Long-term success and consider us as the preferred employer.

Operations We are committed to ensure that our systems, processes, equipment and standards are appropriate to the task, which will be delivered with quality and excellence.

Marketing We are committed to understand and meet the needs of our customers, while maintaining a customer-focused culture, to deliver a high level of customer satisfaction.

Finance & Performance Our aim is to always deliver sustainable growth and maximize our shareholders value, through increases in turnover and operating profits, accompanied by strong cash flow.

Procurement We are committed to maintain a high standard in the selection of food products, while always ensuring availability of essential products and that the best quality products are delivered to our clients.

Technical Support We are committed to ensure the existence of high standards of Technical support in terms of Preventive maintenance schedules, cleaning systems of facilities, enabling us to deliver safe and hygienic quality products to our clients.